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Cars To Look Forward To In 2014

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BMW 4 Series Convertible & Gran Coupe

The 4 Series Coupe should hit our streets by the end of this year as a plusher, sportier version of the ultra-popular 3 Series Coupe, with the convertible version hot on its heels at the beginning of 2014. A longer, more spacious four-door version will be along shortly after, named the Gran Coupe.


The second-generation titan of SUVs will be even more potent and lighter than the existing version, with an expected 565bhp power output, topping both the new Range Rover Sport and Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. A public debut is expected at September's Frankfurt Motor Show, ready for the 2014 market. Assume a price starting at £85,000.

Various Volvos

Volvo is applying a series of cosmetic and equipment upgrades brand-wide, noticeable on details such as the smoother, more athletic looking front ends to the new 2014 year models, plus rectangular exhaust exits on some cars. Cabins will be treated to modern infotainment systems. Along with revisions to existing vehicles, there will be at least four all-new models.

Porsche Panamera Plug-In Hybrid

An eco-friendly Porsche sounds like a contradiction in terms but the new Panamera S E-Hybrid will be a high-performance sports car boasting an eyebrow-raising 91mpg and CO2 emissions below 100g/km. The changes are claimed to improve upon the existing model's fuel economy by 56%, while returning a 0-60mph speed of 5.2 seconds and a 167mph top speed.

*Kia Soul *

Kia has allegedly done a major re-engineering of its mini-MPV the Soul, but from the outside the changes won't be obvious. The new Soul will ride on a larger and stiffer chassis, boast uptuned suspension and a roomier interior with a modern infotainment system.

Mini Hatchback Mk3

Inspired by the 2011 Geneva Motor Show's Rocketman concept, the new Mini will have a chunkier front end than the Mk2, although the bonnet, roofline and flanks are sleeker. The current car's plastic wheel arches and door sills won't change but the interior should be roomier. One significant change applies to the car's iconic central speedometer, which will become an infotainment screen. The new car is due to be unveiled at November's Los Angeles Motor Show.

Range Rover Sport Hybrid

Believe it or not, the famous gas guzzler is receiving a diesel hybrid powertrain, reducing its current 194g/km in CO2 emissions to 169g/km, less than its rival the Porsche Cayenne in either diesel or S Hybrid variants. Remarkably, the hybrid version is even due to top the standard car's performance statistics.

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