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Cars To Look Forward to in 2013

By raccars Published

With March's plate-change looming on the calendar, auto manufacturers are gearing up to wow us with some very eagerly anticipated vehicles. There are offerings from both ends of the supercar/mainstream vehicle spectrum. Competition is ever tighter at the higher end of the market – just how super can a supercar get while efficiency and economy are the buzzwords at the heart of the mainstream manufacturers? Consumers are increasingly savvy and won't accept lower fuel bills at the cost of performance. These days new cars have to excel in every area.

Maserati Quattroporte

Launched in 2004, this beast of a car is long overdue an update and the playboy section of the market is eagerly awaiting the new Quattroporte. Maserati is playing it pretty close to the chest on this one so what we get should take everyone by surprise. The original Quattroporte was a gem, so this generation is much anticipated.

Kia cee'd and pro_cee'd GT

Uncomfortable teenage spelling aside, Kia has been steadily creeping up on the mainstream leaders. This year it's gunning for the Ford Focus ST and the VW Golf GTi. You might think those two are untouchable, but Kia are banking on hooking the younger market with their lighter wallets and have harnessed the Hyundai Veloster Turbo 1.6 litre engine and six-speed manual box, to make sure they have the substance to go with their fronting. It will be interesting to see if they get away with it.

Renault Zoe

This all-electric supermini might not have the flash looks or house-pulling power of some of this year's offerings, but Renault are hoping it will make a big splash in its small pond. All-electrics may not be for everyone but it looks like they're here to stay and the Zoe is one of the smartest and most stylish eco-cars on the market. Like it or not, it has a place in the market and could shake up the citycar sector.

Jaguar F-type

Any successor to the E-type has some enormous shoes to fill. Sensibly, Jaguar is marketing the F-type more as a Porsche 911 competitor, rather than harking back to former glories. However, Jaguar doesn't have much history of silly mistakes so car fans are confidently optimistic about this one.

Dacia Sandero

It's hardly a marque to get excited about, but the Sandero will be interesting because it's available, new, for under £6,000. Will the financially-stretched public be tempted to forego their old-favourite Fiestas and Corsas for this budget rival? Prepare to be surprised.

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