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Cars That Will Not Be Sold In The UK

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While the automotive market is a fairly cosmopolitan affair and car makers like to maximise profits by taking advantage of globalisation wherever possible, sometimes certain vehicles just don't translate into foreign languages. Whether due to the difficulties of conforming to local legislation, or the cost to manufacturers of producing a right hand drive variant, for example, or simply a lack of commercial demand, cars that are massively popular in certain countries never set foot - or wheel - in others.

August's Moscow Motor Show is a case in point, full of extravagant displays by all the major brands, but showcasing a number models that are unlikely ever to be sold in the UK.

Datsun on-Do

A budget compact saloon available to the Russian market for the equivalent of about £6,684, the on-Do is powered by a 1.6 litre petrol unit producing 85bhp and a useful 530 litre boot capacity. The on-Do is in fact a badge engineered version of the Lada Granta.

Lada Kalina NFR

The formerly much maligned Russian brand is currently working on a modern and sophisticated new range of cars with which it plans to rehabilitate its international reputation. But in the meantime, British customers will have to live without this high performance version of the brand's hatchback model, squeezing 138bhp out of its 1.6 litre engine. Along with a rather perky 0-60mph time of 8.5 seconds, the Kalina NFR boasts some rather smart styling that bodes well for Lada's future ambitions on the international stage.

Toyota Venza

A US-centric crossover, the Venza's thirsty habits, typical of its American origins, mean it's unlikely to be much missed in the UK - 3.5 litre V6 or 2.7 litre four cylinder petrol engines are available, returning at best 27.6mpg. Toyota clearly knows its market and has decided not to bother British drivers' wallets...

Citroen C-Elysee

Essentially a badge engineered Peugeot 301, the Spanish built C-Elysee is aimed specifically at Central Europe - the VTI engine has been carefully designed to accept fuel of varying quality, according to the market where it is used. The same unit produced 72bhp in return for about 56.5mpg.

Geely Emgrand EC7

Its maker had ambitions to introduce itself to the UK with the EC7 a couple of years ago, but the car and the brand have yet to materialise here. Having bought Volvo, the Chinese firm is no fly by night debutante, but it's doubtful there would be much demand in the UK for its rather average, mid sized model.

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