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Cars Suffering From Pothole Problem In Britain

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It seems the UK's pothole epidemic is costing its drivers dearly, with a third of all British cars experiencing damage to the springs or suspension system at any time. Warranty Direct has released statistics compiled from its claims data, showing that a third of car owners making warranty claims are doing so due to problems with the suspension and springs.

The data names the Audi RS6 and Mercedes R-Class as the most delicate in the UK - nearly 40% of Audi RS6 owners make warranty claims for springs and suspension, with just over 30% of Mercedes R-Class owners doing the same. The Fiat Multipla is the third highest warranty claimant, with 29% of owners suffering spring and suspension damage, followed by Jaguar XK Series owners in fourth place. The Bentley Continental GT also seems to be far too refined for British roads, with just over 28% of warranty backed vehicles making suspension and spring claims.

Britain's roads are, allegedly, in their worst condition ever, with pothole damage and other deterioration accumulating after a few years of hard winters and a lack of local authority expenditure on roads network maintenance. Increasing numbers of speed bumps also don't do car suspension systems any favours, with the average cost of repairs to the suspension system at £247.

The data was gleaned from 50,000 warranty policies, with results showing that the cars identified as particularly vulnerable to this kind of damage make thirty times more claims than some other models, which seem better equipped to deal with Britain's dodgy roads. French cars are shrugging off the lumps and bumps with little ado, with the Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 making proportionally very few claims, while the sporty Honda S2000 also seems relatively untroubled. Japanese cars are living up very well to their reputation for reliability, with less than 3% of Hondas, Toyotas and Isuzus reporting suspension failures.

Volkswagens are a slight anomaly and hard to judge alongside other vehicles, as Beetles manufactured in 2012-13 and Jettas from 2011-2013 are currently under a recall notice, due to an existing rear suspension fault.

Ultimately, cars driven on the worst British roads on a regular basis will suffer the effects, particularly those resident in the capital. The Warranty Direct investigation has shown that a number of premium vehicles and sports cars are suffering the most, rather than budget level runabouts. The whole suspension system is vulnerable, including springs, dampers, drop links, track rod ends and bushes.

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