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Carry On Camping

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The summer holidays are approaching, and many Brits are planning to load up the car with their tents to enjoy the great British pastime of camping. As undeniably fun as it can be, you may also be dreading the associated discomforts - sunburn, midges, soggy bottoms and wayward tent pegs. However, the auto industry has filled this marketing niche with lots of handy little accessories, which can make your camping experience more like ‘glamping’.

Erde Classic 102.2 Trailer

This neat little trailer costs £280 and means you can load up the tonnes of gear that campers cart around, even if you drive a small car. It's small enough to comply with category B driving licence restrictions. It will carry 245kg of kit and is probably the best way to build up your towing skills.

Thule Wing Bars

Ungainly kit, such as canoes, bicycles, surf boards or even a roof box to carry the stuff you really can't fit inside, requires a set of roof bars. Thule is one of the most respected manufacturers of roof bars and its aerodynamic 'wing bars' cost about £150, including the fixings. Make sure you choose the correct model for your car. You can also buy an awning to attach to the bars, to give you a bit of shade to enjoy a nice picnic.

Handpresso Auto

Those of you that live in the urban jungle can bring a bit of city sophistication with them in the form of the £110 Handpresso, an in car espresso machine that produces a genuinely good cup of coffee. It can't give you cappuccinos or fancy coffees but will produce short, strong measures by grinding beans or from its proprietary pods. Expensive but essential if you can't face the British countryside without some serious caffeine inside you.

Vango 12V lantern

Say goodbye to the tyranny of battery power with this 12v socket fitted lantern, to stop you stumbling over while making your way back from the toilet block at night. A handy remote control means you can turn it off without even getting out of your sleeping bag and, at £15, it's more economical over time than constantly replacing batteries.

Black and Decker ASI500 Compressor

For £93, you will save your lungs or your foot from having to manually inflate airbeds and dinghies. Charge this air compressor from the car's 12v socket or from the mains and inflate anything, from tyres to paddling pools, quickly and easily - and you can even use it to remove the air when you want to pack up and go home.

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