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Cardiff Speed Camera Makes £800,000 In Six Months

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A speed camera on Newport Road in Cardiff has been named the most lucrative of its kind in Britain, after earnings of £800,000 were revealed for a six month period. The device is activated by speeding drivers 71 times per day on average, with 13,624 drivers caught by it so far this year.

The Newport Road camera was commissioned this year on a 30mph stretch of road at a busy junction in the Welsh capital. Local motorists are furious and have labelled the camera a 'cash cow,' designed to make money rather than improve road safety and claimed that the stretch of road in question is not a high accident blackspot. The Institute of Advanced Motorists has suggested that a speed camera that issues such a high number of tickets is, in effect, failing to do its job, which is to reduce driving speeds. According to the IAM, to make the speed limit effective in the area, the local authority needs to make sure the speed limit is highly visible to motorists.

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Cardiff council has confirmed that there are no advance notices warning drivers of the presence of the camera on Newport Road. The device was installed in 2012 but only put into action this year. As part of its commitment to road safety, the local authority intends to continue enforcing speed limits by using speed cameras.

As well as the 13,624 penalty notices issued for speeding, the same camera has also generated 146 penalties for red light infringements. February was its busiest month, when the number of tickets issued daily as a result of the camera's activity went up to over 100. 5,906 drivers attended speed awareness courses after being caught speeding by the camera in the first six months of this year, while another 3,064 were given fines in the same period.

Speed camera data was analysed by LV Insurance, in a study revealing that British drivers paid £22 million worth of speeding fines in 2013.

The previous holder of the most lucrative speed camera title was on Greater Manchester's M60 at Junction 25, which flashed at 26 speeding motorists every day, only a third of its successor's catch rate, and caught 9,326 speeding motorists last year. The westbound A13 Thames Gateway camera in London was another prolific worker, issuing 8,002 speeding notices in 2013, while a camera in Staffordshire between junctions 1-3 of the M54, captured 7,403 speeding offences last year.

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