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Car Designers' Other Projects

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When car designers get bored of four wheels, they turn their pens to more interesting work...

Giorgetto Giugiaro was one of the best known, most prolific and most successful car designers of the 20th century. His output included the Mk1 VW Golf, the Lotus Esprit and the DeLorean. However, he also created his own special pasta and sauce. The pasta resembles a cambelt, with a groove on one side and flat on the other, and is carefully designed to take up more of one of the designer's other works, a pasta sauce infused with vodka...

Design director at the VW Group, Walter De'Silva, was responsible for the second generation Audi TT and the Alfa Romeo 156. He also has a bit of a fetish for designing household objects, which he has been known to exhibit. One of his side projects was a reinvention of the angle poise lamp, which resembled a very sleek grasshopper, while a recent work saw him give the Leica Titanium camera, worth £20,000, a makeover.

Lowie Vermeersch was at one time the design director at Pininfarina, where he oversaw the Ferrari 458 and the Sintesi four seater sports car concept. At the same time, he also came up with a rather smart snow groomer called the Prinoth Beast and the interior of the new Eurostar shuttle.

Chris Bangle is famous for his controversial work at BMW, but since his departure in 2009, he has run his own design studio in the Italian city of Turin. There, he has come up with a circular ping pong table and a massive wall sculpture for the Munich Museum.

Not many coffee tables are named, but the Surge Matea is a limited edition, transparent affair, designed by Stephane Schwarz. Earlier efforts include the mega successful Nissan Qashqai, during a stint as the Japanese firm's head of design in Europe, concept laptops and yachts and a bespoke conductor's baton coated in Swarovski crystals.

Frank Stephenson's design successes include the revamped Mini but these days he works for McLaren. There, his duties have included the TAG Heuer/McLaren Carrera MP4-12C Chronograph watch collaboration, made of lightweight titanium and Alcantara leather. Only 1,000 units were produced, priced at more than £10,000.

While a set of matching luggage is not unknown as an automotive accessory, Land Rover decided to complement the Range Rover Evoque with a lightweight, carbon fibre bicycle... Evoque scribe, Gerry McGovern, led the design team and is believed to be a bit of an amateur cyclist himself.

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