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Car Crash Death Numbers Improving

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The Department of Transport has recently published its road accidents and safety statistics report for 2012, showing that deaths from car crashes are at their lowest since 1926, the year records began.

The new figures are notable due to the fact that they are not a result of decreased vehicle use, despite claims the recession has curtailed driving freedoms, as Department for Transport figures show that the total number of vehicles using the roads has been on a level for two years now.

In 2012, police service reports showed 1,754 deaths from road crashes, which is 8% lower than 2011's statistic of 1,901. Serious injuries also decreased, from 23,122 in 2011 to 23,039 in 2012, a drop of 0.4%. Total casualty figures continued the trend, dropping by 4% to 195,723.

Particularly important are the figures focusing on children, showing casualties in children aged 0-15 fell to 17,251, an 11% improvement for 2012, while the number of children seriously injured or killed was 6% down, to 2,272 from 2,412 in 2011.

Pedestrian deaths were 420 in 2012, a 7% improvement on 2011, while cyclists unfortunately bucked the trend with a 10% rise in road deaths to 118, versus 107 in 2011. While motorbike traffic was 2% down on 2011, biker deaths were 362 in 2011 and 328 in 2012, showing a 9% improvement and seriously injured bikers figures also fell to 5,000, 5% less than in 2011. The overall number of casualties reported in bikers in 2012 was 19,310, 4% less than in 2011.

Figures showed fatalities in car occupants dropped 9% to 801 and serious injuries in car occupants fell 1% for 2012 at 8,232. Car user casualty totals got 4% better for 2012 at 119,708.

The details were extruded from 145,571 road accidents reported in 2012. The historical figures showed that this was 19% down on 2005-2009's average of 180,831. Of the total road accidents reported in 2012, there was at least one serious injury or death in 22,538, 15% better than the average 26,473 in 2005-2009's reports.

2005-2009's reports showed child casualties were 28% lower in 2012, equally the average number of children seriously injured or killed was 26% lower in 2012. The fatalities in children figures were even more encouraging, showing a 52% improvement on 2005-2009's average.

The statistics were drawn from accidents reported to the police, but it is estimated that the total number of accidents in 2012, including those that were not reported, were between 660,000-800,000.

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