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Cabriolets Rule in Surrey

By raccars Published

Citroen has been carrying out research into the UK' cabriolet car population, the result of which shows Elmbridge to be the most popular home for cabriolets in the UK. Also known for its proliferation of bankers and brokers and as the home of Chelsea football team, the Surrey town can also boast more cabriolets per capita than anywhere else in the country.

Residents in the Elmbridge area, counting also towns, such as Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Esher, own one convertible per 25 inhabitants, on average, with DVLA information giving more than 5,300 registered there.

Citroen's report named Surrey as the county with the highest convertible population overall. The figures were also broken down by district, with Surrey districts taking four of the top ten places. The rest of the districts' top ten was filled out by the City of London and other locations in the South East, in the counties of Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Essex.

The results have been released showing that Brits still love their convertibles, despite being covered in a blanket of cloud for most of the summer season so far this year. Citroen conducted its survey as part of a marketing push for its new DS3 Cabrio, consulting DVLA registration information and the Office for National Statistics' census data, showing some very specific hot spots for cabriolet ownership.

The UK's famously inclement weather seems not to deter convertible buyers, as the country is the second biggest buyer of convertibles in the world, based on per capita statistics. From 28.7 million cars registered in the UK in total, about 900,000 are convertibles, which makes 3.1% of all cars on UK roads convertibles. The convertible to total population ratio is about 1/75.

Notable is the prevalence of convertible ownership among high income areas. Surrey, for example, the most popular address for convertible ownership, boasts a gross disposable household income level 37.7% higher than the national average.

By contrast, Kingston-upon-Hull has a gross disposable household income 29.6% lower than the national average and also has one of the lowest convertible car populations in the country, at one for every 172 residents. Scottish islands show the lowest convertible saturation of all, with only one convertible for every 468 residents in Eilean Siar, one for every 393 residents in the Shetland Islands and one convertible per 365 people in the Orkneys. Despite its warm, southern location, the Isles of Scilly show a low convertible saturation rate of one per 200 residents, or 11 in total.

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