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C4 Picasso Owners' Suspension Issues Solved

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Citroen C4 Picasso owners will be pleased to know that their suspension issues will be fixed by the manufacturer after a number of customers complained to the BBC's consumer advice programme 'Watchdog'. C4 Picasso drivers have been suffering from a bumpy ride thanks to a fault identified with the rear wheel suspension system.

Higher end models of the car are fitted with an auto-levelling suspension system, which raises or lowers the car using a small airbag at each rear wheel. A number of owners of the previous generation of Citroen C4 Picasso, with this pneumatic or 'air' suspension system, noticed a sudden deterioration in the ride. Having reported the problem to Citroen, the customers were advised the problem was caused by nothing other than normal wear and tear and they would have to pay for it to be fixed.

However the problem was found to originate from the air suspension housing, which was made of rubber and had degraded over time, allowing the air within to leak out. While this may be expected at 100,000 miles or more of usage, in this case the problem was starting to be seen at only 30,000-40,000 miles. After customers complained to the programme, the car manufacturer agreed to cover the majority of the cost of repairs. This applies to C4 Picassos up to 10 years old and to a limit of 120,000 miles from new. Some owners have also reported that further damage has been caused to other areas of their cars such as the underbody or tyres while the vehicle is riding low because of the suspension failure.

The fault becomes apparent via an instrument panel warning light, at which point customers should visit their local authorised Citroen garage, although the manufacturer has assured owners that there are no safety issues as a result of the failure. Owners of the next generation of C4 Picasso need not worry about a similar problem developing as Citroen has confirmed that it is built upon a different platform and fitted with a steel spring suspension system.

What is unclear is what will happen should the problem reoccur on a regular basis, as has been reported in certain cases, past the 10 year or 120,000 mile limit.

Many C4 Picasso owners have already had their cars repaired but those who have not or would like more information should contact Citroen on 0800 3288 141.

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