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Business car awards for company car buyers

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Planning to replace your company car this year? Take a look at the 2016 Business car awards.

The awards are aimed at fleet car buyers and winners are chosen according to votes from Business Car magazine readers.

Best company car winners by category

City car

This is a fifth time win for the Fiat 500 in what is a relatively small sector of the fleet market. The majority of buyers choose the 1.2 litre 69bhp unit as an economical ownership proposition, praising its characterful drive and strong residuals.

Mainstream supermini

The Ford Fiesta is the fleet market's favourite mainstream supermini for the second year in a row thanks to its peerless driving dynamics.

Premium supermini

The Mini is now available with five doors, which has clearly appealed to fleet buyers who voted it their favourite premium supermini. However it's the three door MINI One D version which offers the best BIK rate at 16% for 83.1mpg.

Mainstream lower medium

Recent refreshments helped the Ford Focus to beat the VW Golf to the mainstream lower medium award this year, but it will face a challenge from the new Vauxhall Astra in the 2017 awards. Fleet buyers were impressed with the new Focus ST diesel, which combines economy with performance.

Premium lower medium

The [BMW 1 Series](http://www.raccars.co.uk/used-bmw/1 Series/) triumphed over previous favourite the Audi A3 this year. The 116d ED's 16% BIK rate is thanks to 83.1mpg and 89g/km in CO2, offering company car buyers a salary-pleasing premium ride.

Mainstream upper medium

2016 is Ford's year, with the Ford Mondeo taking a third major award as the upper medium mainstream winner. The hybrid version was highly commended but the Mondeo is a great all-rounder.

Premium upper medium

The Jaguar XE poses a serious threat to the dominance of the big German three in this category, both among fleet and private buyers. As well as the premium upper medium award, the XE is the overall Business Car of the Year winner for 2016. Fleet buyers will mostly be divided between the 163bhp and 180bhp models, both using Jaguar's smart new 2.0 litre diesel engine.


Fortunately for BMW, the BMW 5 Series put in a great performance in the Executive category and managed to beat previous winner the Jaguar XF. The 520d is the top company car choice, with 68.9mpg and 109g/km in CO2 emissions.


The Tesla Model S is an aspirational choice for fleet buyers, who now have access to over 30 supercharger points UK wide. It can cover 330 miles on electric power, giving you plenty of opportunity to find the next charge point.

Mini MPV

Vauxhall has always been popular among fleet buyers but this year the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer was its only category winner, a surprisingly good looking and well equipped mini MPV.


No surprises in this category, with the Nissan Qashqai taking the win. The 110bhp 1.5 litre diesel unit is the most popular choice, with 99g/km in CO2 emissions.


The Mercedes-Benz V-Class did very well to beat the revamped Ford S-Max, which took the previous seven awards in this category. A versatile seating arrangement makes it easy to make all eight occupants comfortable in a variety of positions.

Mainstream small 4x4

Hyundai is great at 4x4s and the new Hyundai Tucson had made some great first impressions. Higher spec models are packed with equipment and, all important for company car buyers, running costs are low.

Premium small 4x4

The new Land Rover Discovery Sport beat the Range Rover Evoque this year, with some excellent driver assistance features and JLR's new 2.0 litre diesel Ingenium engine.

Large 4x4

If space is your priority, the BMW X5 fits the bill, with eight wins now in this category.


The BMW 4 Series comes in three body shapes and as the high performance M4, without sacrificing economy.

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