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Bullet-proof Cars: The Safest Cars On The Market?

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World leaders, paranoid celebrities or those who tend to fall out spectacularly with neighbours have slightly different requirements from the rest of us when it comes to car buying. Fortunately, there's a thriving automotive sector dealing with military grade armoured cars, featuring bulletproofing and all sorts of other terrorist protection features.

Barack Obama's 'The Beast' and Queen Elizabeth II's Bentley State Limousines may be specially created for the rigours of international statesmanship but the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley will happily customise vehicles according to your most exacting security requirements. If that's outside your budget or your ego, but you're worried about your personal security, one of these might help you relax a little at the wheel...

Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard

With a military protection rating of 'VR9', the S600 Guard offers both 'transparent and non-transparent' protection. It is bulletproof to the tune of stopping a shot from an extra armour piercing high powered rifle travelling at 1,910mph and thinks nothing of a bit of hand grenade shrapnel. The protection extends to the engine bay, to be able to maintain propulsion under attack, which can be achieved at the rate of 0-62mph within 4.6 seconds. Its runflat tyres are good up to 19mph and even with the threat of danger all around, its occupants can relax in the most luxurious of interiors. It is, in effect, a tank dressed as a premium saloon.

Audi A8 L Security

A previous favourite of terrorism targets was the A8 L Security, featuring NATO sub-caliber ammunition tested class 7 bullet resistant armour. It is protected to the highest levels applying to civilian vehicles and boasts an intercom system, so passengers under siege can still arrange rescue. It's not quite as swift as the Merc but more than capable of assuaging even the nerviest passengers' fears.

BMW 760Li High Security

Another car with the armour to shrug off a blast from an IED, the BMW's interesting extras included sensors for irritant gases and the requisite on board clean air supply, to allow passengers to breathe should a bit of cyanide be detected. Again an intercom system allows passengers contact with the world outside their armoured bubble, with doors and windows safely closed.

The likes of Range Rover, Porsche and Maserati don't officially offer armoured cars as part of their standard line ups but Maserati has been known to add ballistic proof body guards to its first generation Quattroporte, while Porsche will point you towards Frankfurt's JS Armoured Cars, who will ensure a Panamera Turbo can withstand close fire, landmines and grenades, should you encounter them on your travels.

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