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Bugatti Chiron: Successor to the legendary Veyron

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The Bugatti Chiron replaces the legendary Veyron. Will it be even faster and more expensive?

Bugatti chose the eve of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show to introduce its successor to the Veyron, called the Bugatti Chiron. And in a game of Top Trumps, this car would beat any other. The Chiron's statistics are mind blowing, including a £1.9 million price tag and 1,479bhp. To put things into perspective, Lewis Hamilton's F1 Mercedes apparently produces about 900bhp.

The most super of super sport cars

Bugatti is not holding back in its marketing material either, spraying the Chiron with a host of superlatives including most luxurious, powerful and exclusive. To create such a beast, Bugatti has re-engineered its quad turbo 8.0 litre W16 engine to add an extra 300bhp on top of the already ludicrous Veyron Super Sport's output.

It's the first time a road legal car has approached this kind of power output. The car is limited to 261mph on the road and the speedo ends at 500km or 310mph, but the real top speed is probably somewhere in between. To reach that 261mph, owners need to be issued with a special Top Speed Key by Bugatti, without which another limiter comes into effect at 236mph - still more than three times the UK's national motorway speed limit. From standstill the Chiron fires like a rocket to reach 62mph in only 2.5 seconds.

Why is the Bugatti Chiron so expensive?

There's some very sophisticated automotive technology used to reach these kinds of speeds, including an advanced two part intercooling system with over 60,000 litres of air and 800 litres of water pushed through the engine every minute. The system also includes ten radiators, six huge catalytic converters, eight piston silicon carbide brakes and a titanium exhaust.

In addition to handling its brutal straight line thrust, Bugatti has developed a new monocoque chassis in carbon fibre to reduce weight and increase agility. To keep it all under control, the Chiron is fitted with bespoke tyres developed using aerospace technology, in addition to which it has permanent all-wheel drive.

It's certainly a striking looking car and slightly larger but probably less dramatic than the Veyron appeared at first glance, accustomed as we now are to Bugatti's characteristic mix of angles and curves. One unusual new feature is a 1.6 metre strip of LED lights running across the back end.

The cabin is more spacious and luxurious than its predecessor, featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, a high end audio system and a choice of 31 shades of leather trim. Practical it will never be, but Chiron owners do benefit from a small luggage compartment in the front bay, which comes with a custom suitcase.

Super-fast and super exclusive

Building between 50-65 models per year, Bugatti is limiting the Chiron to a production run of 500 units, at least 165 of which have already been spoken for. Even for the super wealthy, £1.9 million is an expensive car, but one customer is believed to have put down a deposit on six models, while keen buyers are apparently trying to snap up used Veyrons to increase their purchasing potential, knowing that Bugatti favours existing owners when allocating limited stock.

It is hoped that the Chiron's massive development costs will be offset by a sell-out production run, and success for this project is essential for the VW owned company, which is facing heavy financial penalties as a result of last year's diesel emissions scandal.

Bugatti vs Hennessey, again...

Bugatti is also keen to reclaim its 'fastest production car in the world' status with the Chiron, controversially stolen from the Veyron by the Hennessey Venom GT, which was recorded at 270.49mph.

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