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Budget Supercars for the New Year

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The words ‘budget’ and ‘supercar’ rarely go together – in fact, ‘supercar’ usually means expensive to buy and even more expensive to run! However, it’s a great time to be looking around for a car, as there are a vast range of motors available this festive season, at prices a lot cheaper than you would think. With exceptionally good performance – in both speed and handling – as well as well-appointed interiors, some of these picks are easily deserving of spots on your New Year wish list.

As The Motorist’s Champion, RAC is constantly looking for ways to make motoring safer, cheaper and more enjoyable – and that also applies to buying supercar-performance on a budget! Visit our used cars page to search for your dream supercar.

The best for under £7000

It’s hard to believe that this price bracket could see you going from 0-60 in just 6 seconds – but a 2005 Golf GTI is available on RAC Cars. These hot hatches are the perfect ‘mini supercar,’ with great road handling, outstanding straight line performance and small enough to get into even the tightest parking spaces.

The best for under £10000

£10,000 could get you into a Porsche – and not just any car but the Boxster, certainly one of the best roadsters of the past 20 years. Looking for something a bit more chic? For the same price you can also nab yourself an ’06 edition Mercedes Benz 350 SLK, which is perfect for cruising thanks to its 3.5 Litre engine and collapsible hardtop roof.

The best for under £20000

If you’ve been good this past year, definitely put down the 2006 BMW M3 or 2008 Jaguar XKR on your wish list. The BMW delivers everything you would expect – raw power from its fabled V6 engine and the clean interior of a car made for driving. The Jaguar is more refined – but don’t be fooled – its 420 BHP performance is as thrilling as the sight of the car on your driveway.

The best for under £30000

Believe it or not, £30,000 can sit you behind the wheel of a Bentley – and not a 20 year old rust bucket! An early Bentley Continental GT represents outstanding value – we currently have 20 of them on RAC Cars. The good news is that most have been cherished by well-heeled owners.

Check before you buy

Someone looking for supercar performance is likely to have experience of buying cars before – but with these types of cars it’s even more important to check these three things -

  1. Check it is legitimate – has the car been written off, stolen, imported or exported? Just as importantly, does it have outstanding finance against it (therefore making it owned by a finance company and not the person offering it to you). There is no real way of ‘guessing’ this information – you must get an official history check that queries Government and other databases to find the true history of a car. At RAC we use our market-leading Car Passport which for just £14.99 includes a vehicle check that tells you everything you need to know – we will also cover you for up to £30,000 of claim value if that history is found to be fabricated.

  2. Check the condition (properly) – everyone has a friend or relative who is a ‘car expert’ – but relying on this person could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds in unexpected repair bills and resale value. At RAC, we prefer to use our team of professional vehicle inspectors (visit www.rac.co.uk/buying-a-car/vehicle-inspections for more information) who will carry out a professional on-site inspection of any vehicle from just £99.

  3. Check the paperwork – there are two things you need to check about buying a car privately - the registered owner and the registered keeper. Registered keeper information is shown on a Government document called a V5C – check that the name of the current keeper is the person you are doing with. V5C documents not only prove the car belongs to the previous owner, but also have a removable section from the top of the document that allows ownership to be passed across to the new buyer. You should also make sure the DVLA has been notified of the change of ownership.

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