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Brits Can Fill Up For Less Abroad

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Britons planning to drive for their foreign holiday this year would be well advised to leave the UK with an empty tank and fill up upon disembarking, as fuel remains cheaper on the continent. The Post Office Travel Money's annual survey, 'Motoring on the Continent 2015' has been released, showing that while fuel prices have fallen all over Europe in the last year, Britain remains one of the most expensive destinations for fuel.

Research suggests that about 20% of Brits will be holidaying in Europe this year, where they will find fuel up to £0.31 cheaper per litre for unleaded and £0.46 cheaper per litre for diesel than they can at home. Britain is also the only country among those included in the Post Office's survey where petrol is cheaper than diesel.

While the whole of Europe is benefiting from lower fuel prices in general, Brits are enjoying the bonus of a strong pound, which strengthens the exchange rate and means we get 26% more fuel per pound than we did last year.

Twenty two countries were surveyed for the 'Motoring on the Continent 2015' report, and lower petrol and diesel prices were reported in all of them, compared to the same period in 2014. Andorra boasts the cheapest fuel prices in Europe, at £0.75 per litre for diesel and £0.86 per litre for petrol. Among the larger countries of Europe, Austria is the cheapest for fuel, at £0.90 per litre for petrol and £0.81 per litre for diesel. In comparison, diesel costs £1.21 per litre in the UK and petrol costs £1.17, and only six European countries post higher petrol prices than the UK. Petrol is most expensive in Norway, at £1.39 per litre. It's diesel prices are higher than the UK too, as £1.25 per litre, and it is the only country with more expensive diesel than the UK.

British motorists will be particularly unimpressed after a row last week, in which petrol retailers were accused of inflating diesel prices by fuel campaigners. They claimed that the fuel buying public are being cheated, as the wholesale price of diesel is cheaper than petrol.

However overall, UK residents can enjoy cheaper fuel prices this year than they did last summer, with petrol prices falling by 11% over the last 12 months and diesel by 12%. Nonetheless, this fails to keep pace with fuel price drops on the continent. Petrol prices in Turkey have dropped by 18% for petrol and 23% for diesel, while in Austria, drivers pay 22% less for petrol this year and 26% less for diesel. Cyprus has seen fuel prices decrease by 20% for both fuels.

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