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British Drivers Best At Parking

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New research has shown that continental Europeans lag behind UK drivers in parking skills, with Italians named the worst parkers of all. The study revealed that a third of drivers in Europe have experienced parking prangs within the last five years.

A poll organised by Nissan and YouGov, questioned 9,177 drivers from the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, as part of research into the causes and the effects of parking accidents. A third of the drivers surveyed reported damaging their cars in the last five years, 16% of which occurred while parking.

In news which will come as no surprise to Brits who have driven there, Italians were found to be the worst at parking overall, with 50% reporting incidents in the last five years, of which 26% were caused during parking. Spanish drivers came a very close second, with parking prangs responsible for 25% of reported car damage. UK drivers proved to be the safest parkers, along with the French, with parking prangs occurring to only one in ten drivers. German parkers were responsible for 11% of their country's accidents.

For four of the five countries questioned, reversing was the main parking challenge. On average, 45% of all parking prangs occurred while performing a manoeuvre in reverse, while in Italy, reverse parking was the cause of an amazing 51% of parking accidents.

The study also questioned the kind of cars involved, concluding that it's best to avoid estate cars while parking on the continent, as these were involved in 27% of all parking bumps, more than any other kind of car.

Nissan organised the research as part of its marketing strategy for its new Pulsar hatchback. Around View Monitor (AVM) and Moving Object Detection technologies are available in the Pulsar to assist drivers with easy parking. The firm took over a car park in Rome, in an event to introduce Italian drivers to the benefits of the Pulsar and its parking assistance features, clearly believing the Italian drivers are the ones most in need of their help!

For the demonstration, Nissan installed AVM, which gives motorists a virtual bird's eye view of their car and the area around it, on drivers' own cars, and allowed them to try parking with its help. To add entertainment to the event, those who parked successfully with AVM's assistance were surprised by groups of circus performers and opera singers applauding their achievement.

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