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British Car Buyers Unhappy With Used Car Buying Experience

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Research by the RAC has revealed that 40% of UK car buyers have been unhappy with their experience when buying a used car and would not buy another vehicle from the same dealer in the future. 1,500 motorists were questioned in the survey, nearly 60% of whom claimed to prefer buying used cars instead of new, to avoid the first, massive hit of depreciation. Nearly half preferred to buy from a dealer because they believed the quality and specifications would be higher than when buying privately.

The main reason for motorists' discontent is the discovery of mechanical faults in used cars, which makes them feel they have been short changed. Twenty nine per cent were not impressed with dealers' attempts to rectify the problem and almost a third went on to discourage other buyers from using that dealer.

Recurrent repair bills were cited as the main reason for changing cars, according to half of survey participants, and 41% claim they opted to change cars due to reliability issues. In a third of cases, buyers claim they just fancied changing their cars and another 29% were worried about the amount of mileage mounting up on the clock.

The RAC conducted the research to make car buyers aware of the launch of its 'BuySure' scheme, which lists accredited dealers to help car buyers purchase a used vehicle with peace of mind. Sixty five per cent of used car buyers choose to visit a local dealer before other options and the RAC is aiming to work with used car dealers, to instil confidence in buyers and ensure that they can trust the used car buying process. 'BuySure' works with dealers who want to make sure that they live up rather than down to customer expectations and promise friendly and helpful aftercare. The 'BuySure' ethos is integrity, quality and exceptional customer service.

Unfortunately, the 'Arthur Daley' used car salesman image is never far away so the scheme was developed in response to customer concerns about buying a 'lemon' and receiving no support from the dealer who sold it.

Cars bought from a 'BuySure' approved dealer all come with an 82 point vehicle preparation standard, which is RAC approved. Also included is a minimum three month warranty from the RAC, three months of breakdown recovery and a car data check, to ensure you are not buying a car which has been stolen, written off or is subject to an outstanding finance agreement.

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