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Britain's Most Profitable Speed Cameras

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Figures have been released showing how much money was made by Britain's speed cameras in 2013, with one unit on the M60 in Greater Manchester named as the top earner. Over £22 million was paid out by British motorists for speeding offences last year.

The busiest speed camera in the country, at junction 25 on the M60, earned an estimated £189,000 in 2013, from 9,326 speeding drivers - that's more than one per hour, every hour for a whole year. Speeding offences overall rose by 3% compared to the previous year. About 400,000 fixed penalty notices were issued by police forces and 73,944 court summons were given. The information was collected by car insurance company, LV=.

The second busiest but most profitable speed camera in the UK is situated on the A13 IG11 westbound between Thames Gateway / Kent Avenue and Scratton Terrace with earnings of £333,820 from 8,002 offences in 2013, followed by a unit in Staffordshire, between junctions 1-3 of the M54, which clocked 7,403 speeding motorists. Exact earnings from this camera were unavailable. The fourth busiest speed camera in Britain is on the A34 at Wytham, with 7,138 drivers paying out a total of £126,640, while a camera in quiet Milton Ernest in Bedfordshire is in fifth place with earnings of £167,600 from 7,079 offenders last year.

There are believed to be 3,353 fixed cameras in Britain or one for every 67 miles of road. These were responsible for catching 58% of speeding offences last year. Twenty eight per cent were clocked by roadside police with cameras and 12% of speeding drivers were caught by police without a camera.

One in seven drivers has been caught speeding over the last five years and more than one in five of these is a repeat offender. However, it is believed that constantly changing speed limits rather than lawlessness are to blame for the increase in speeding offences. Nearly 90% of local authorities amended speed limits in their area last year, accounting for about 15% of speeding tickets over the year. Motorists driving familiar routes are often overly confident that they know the local speed limits and fail to notice changes to regulations or new traffic signage.

The fastest speed recorded by police cameras so far in 2014 was 146mph, clocked by Kent Police on the M25 at Swanley. Warwickshire Police recorded a speed of 130mph on the M6 Toll.

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