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Britain's Largest Private Car Collection Goes On Sale

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A 450 strong collection of cars, including a number of classic and vintage models going back to 1919, is on sale for £100 million. The collection belongs to Dr James Hull and is only part of his total hoard of 540 cars, 295 pedal cars and 19 huge World War era model planes.

It seems Dr Hull has always been a collector, starting with Corgi model cars as a child. Previous obsessions have included budgerigars and Staffordshire pottery, before cars took his fancy aged 17.

Among the cars on sale are an Austin A60 that belonged to Winston Churchill, a Bentley Continental T owned by Elton John, a Sinclair C5, Keith Floyd's precious Morris Oxford Series 1 and a scarlet Mini Traveller from 1965, which was the property of Lord Mountbatten - it comes with a letter on Sandringham House headed paper from Prince Charles to his beloved 'uncle' in 1977, thanking him for the offer of a car but claiming his 'mama' had already sorted him out.

This is on top of numerous Austin Allegros, Bentleys, Daimlers, Jaguars, Mercedes, Mini Metros, Rovers, Singer Chamois and Volkswagen Beetles. There's also a selection of wooden framed or trimmed models or 'Woodies' from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

The vehicles are stored in a series of specially built warehouses, complete with automatic sensors to make sure the temperature never dips below six Celsius, the point at which condensation could kick in. The cars are lined up and kept in perfect, polished condition by Dr Hull and four staff, who manoeuvre them around on skates, slid under the wheels. The owner names each model according to its registration plate, rather than make or model name, and is familiar with every single one.

Each vehicle's paperwork is kept fully up to date, with inclusion on a multi-car insurance policy, annual MoTs for eligible models and VED or SORNs, where appropriate.

Despite the enormity of the collection, both in size and value, Dr Hull has had no shortage of interested buyers. However, he is hoping the precious haul will stay in the UK and ideally be available for public display, perhaps by a local authority.

With so many spectacular cars to choose from, what do Dr Hull and his family use as their personal transport? One of 12 Peugeot 306 diesels, which are apparently the most comfortable cars of the lot and will not be part of the sale.

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