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These are the cars which have performed the best for each brand.

Alfa Romeo

The Italian firm's biggest seller was way back in the Seventies, when a million Alfasuds proved that front wheel drive can be really good fun.

Aston Martin

The DB7 is the firm's best seller (9,162 units), probably because it's also one of the most affordable Astons - used versions can be found for £20,000.


The successor to the brilliant Audi 80 was the A4. With six million units shifted since its 1994 launch, the A4 has more than lived up to expectations.


The mighty 3 Series has been around for four decades, during which time 13 million have been sold.


It's not the smartest or most sophisticated supermini, nor does it inspire the devotion that the Panda does, but the Punto has been a reliable performer for Fiat and sold nine million units.


In 42 years, some 18.5 million Civics have hit the road, showing that reliable and sensible win the race.


The Elantra barely made a ripple in the waters of the UK market but it's Hyundai's global best seller. 10 million have been sold so far.


One of the firm's lower profile and less glamorous cars is also its biggest seller. About 880,000 XJ models have been sold.

Land Rover Early versions are known as the Series, later models the Defender, but they come together to make the brand's best-selling vehicle. Of two million Defenders sold, most are probably still doing sterling service on farm tracks worldwide.


Still behind its great rival, the BMW 3 Series, the C-Class has, nonetheless, done some good work for Mercedes, with 10 million unit sales.


With 5.4 million sold, the 206 is far and away the French firm's biggest seller, but it fails to match the charm of its predecessor, the fabulous 205.


Renault probably has Nicole and Papa to thank for selling 12 million Clios.


Some 4.4 million Octavias have been sold since 1996 but, with Skoda going from strength to strength, that figure looks likely to multiply.


The Corolla is the world's best-selling car of all time, unmatched even by the mighty VW Golf, with 40 million sold.


The Corsa has been a stellar performer for Vauxhall/Opel, which has sold 12.4 million of them.


Of course, the Golf is at the top of the VW pile. Over seven generations since 1974, 27.5 million unit sales mean it's even more popular than the Beetle.

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