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Boris Johnson Wants to Scrap all Diesel Cars

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Diesel car owners are likely to be unamused by Boris Johnson's latest attack on them. The London Mayor is now calling upon the Government to implement a nationwide diesel car scrappage scheme.

Mr Johnson's plan would include all diesel cars over a year old. If the scheme were to be approved, the owners of the cars to be scrapped would be paid between £1,000 and £2,000 for their vehicles.

After proposing unpopular measures aimed at diesel drivers in London, Mr Johnson is extending his campaign nationwide, suggesting that millions of car owners had bought diesel powered vehicles in the belief that they were more environmentally friendly. Mr Johnson believes diesel car owners have been misled into buying their cars for their green credentials, which are actually dirtier and less environmentally friendly than their petrol powered counterparts. Almost half of all cars on British roads are diesel powered - up dramatically from only 14% in 2000.

Mr Johnson blames government policy for the fiasco, with scientists now claiming that human health suffers from the higher amount of nitrogen oxides and micro particles emitted by diesel exhaust fumes. These can cause long term health issues, particularly in the heart and lungs and for children. Some of the country's most important scientists have even gone so far as to say that diesel fumes account for 7,000 deaths in Britain every year.

In July, Mr Johnson announced plans to charge drivers of diesel cars an extra £10 on top of the existing congestion charge to drive into central London, which in 2020, is due to be designated an ultra-low emissions zone. The move is also being considered by other British cities, as they search for ways to reduce diesel fumes in a bid to reach EU clean air targets.

Britain has repeatedly failed to achieve European Commission targets for reducing nitrogen dioxide pollution levels and, as a result, could have to pay a fine of £300 million. Targets set for January 2010 were not reached, leading the EU to launch legal proceedings against the UK government in February this year. Sixteen areas within Britain fell short of their targets including, apart from London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester.

The London Mayor's plans to bring his city into line include introducing a large number of hybrid and electric buses and prohibiting taxis more than 15 years old - incurring the wrath of 3,000 cab owners. By 2018, all London cabs will have to be hybrid or fully electric.

The Department for Transport has confirmed it has no plans for a diesel scrappage scheme.

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