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Bond Girls On Wheels

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In the James Bond films it's not just our suave hero who gets to thrash a bit of metal - Bond's female counterparts have also had some fantastic wheels over the years.

Goldfinger: Tilly Masterson's Ford Mustang

Feigning good road manners, Bond allows the sexy white Mustang to pass him on the Furka Pass in the Swiss mountains, in 1964's Goldfinger, before employing one of his DB5's lethal gadgets in the form of wheel spinner blades. The Mustang ends up looking like a worm which has been done over by a blackbird.

The Spy Who Loved Me: Leyland Sherpa

It's not your average spy's transportation of choice, but Agent Triple X, Anya Amasova, takes advantage of the nearest vehicle around to escape the toothy clutches of henchman Jaws and his metal dentistry - a banged up Leyland Sherpa. The film then indulges in a bit of good old fashioned misogyny, as Triple X battles the Sherpa's recalcitrant gearbox while Bond sits at her side, throwing out a series of smug, sarcastic comments about women drivers - not his finest moment.

You Only Live Twice: Aki's Toyota 2000GT

One of the most gorgeous cars ever seen in a Bond film - and indeed of all time. Japanese secret agent, Aki, takes Bond on a thrilling chase around Tokyo, neatly proving false any snarky stereotypes about women drivers.

Thunderball: Fiona Volpe's BSA Lighting

Using two wheels in this case, Fiona Volpe ensures her Bond villain status in seriously hot form, dispatching those who have become inconvenient to her with a handy set of rocket launchers, mounted on the front wing - probably not available on the manufacturer's options list.

For Your Eyes Only: Melina Havelock's Citroen 2CV

Melina shows us all exactly what a 2CV can do, proving a lack of horsepower is no barrier to a dramatic chase scene. Bond sits somewhat nervously at her side, as the canary yellow Citroen obliterates a swathe of Spanish countryside before making its escape.

Goldeneye: Xenia Onatopp's Ferrari F355 GTS

Onatopp's skills in her Ferrari unfortunately weren't up to dealing with its horsepower. The villainess is happy to take on Bond's reborn Aston Martin DB5, but nearly comes a cropper on a sharp bend.

Skyfall: Moneypenny's Land Rover Defender

Using sheer thuggery to overcome the villain's Audi A5's superior speed and lack of agility in the crowded streets of Istanbul, Moneypenny's brutal handling of the Defender is likely to earn her a severe ticking off from Q branch.

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