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BMW X5 Still The Most Stolen Car In Britain

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BMW X5 owners will be unamused to hear that the model has once again been named the most stolen car in the UK - making it the sixth consecutive year that the X5 has topped this particularly undesirable chart. Vehicle tracking firm, Tracker, has compiled its annual report on car theft in Britain, claiming that the X5 is also its most recovered model.

However, this is not an official police statistic, this is Tracker's most stolen car, based upon its own records of which cars on its books are most stolen and recovered. As tracking devices are usually fitted upon more expensive, premium vehicles, Tracker's report is unlikely to present a balanced picture, but it does show that premium brand cars tend to be most at risk of theft. The average value of cars recovered by Tracker in 2014 was £25,600, and the total value of vehicles returned to their owners by the firm last year was £11 million.

Tracker's top ten most stolen list starts with the BMW X5, followed by the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, the Range Rover Sport, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Land Rover Discovery, BMW M3, Range Rover, Audi RS4, Mercedes-Benz ML and the Mercedes-Benz C63, in tenth place.

It's not a pleasant list for premium car owners to read, with Mercedes making up four of the top ten. High performance saloons and SUVs are clearly the favourites of modern car thieves, with hot roadsters not making the list. Porsche, for example, at one time a high target for thieves, dropped out the top ten most stolen list last year.

Modern car theft tends to be via electronic means rather than using stolen keys. Specialist gangs steal high value cars to order, by using a crane to lift the vehicle straight onto a low loader - a method used in 43% of thefts experienced by car owners fitted with Tracker's devices last year. In 2014, the BBC's Watchdog programme reported on the rise of keyless theft, where thieves use electronic devices bought online, to reprogramme the entry systems of keyless cars.

London is the hotspot for luxury car theft and police forces in the capital are urging the owners of premium brand vehicles to invest in tracking devices to keep their cars safe. While a tracking system can't in itself prevent a car from being stolen, it can help to recover cars or deter thieves from taking them in the first place.

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