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BMW M6 Gran Coupe Due In March

By raccars Published

Among next month's new releases is a new addition to BMW's 6 Series high-performance range. Along with the M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible, we now have the M6 Gran Coupe, a four-door extension of the basic sporty coupe premise.

With Mercedes already firmly planted into the soil of this market and at a significantly lower price, BMW has its work cut out to make a good case for this model. Priced at close to £100,000, the elegant M6 Gran Coupe is certainly a head turner. However, the brand's slightly plainer but equally competent M5 looks like a better bet for about 75% of the cost of its big brother.

The Gran Coupe is armed with the same engine as the other M6 variants, a 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 with 552bhp, a 0-62mph time of 4.2 seconds and a limited top speed of 155mph. 19 or 20" alloy wheels and some racy styling differentiate this model from less illustrious 6 Series versions – and that's not just for show.

Put your foot down and this car is delighted to show off its capacity for menace. Specially designed alloy suspension, a plastic roof reinforced with carbon fibre to lower the centre of gravity and a clever limited-slip diff. have been installed, to enhance agility over the standard 6 Series, as has a hydraulic fed power steering system in place of the original electro-mechanical set-up, but feedback could still be better. The gearbox is a joy and refinement is nicely balanced – there's a reassuring growl when you're giving it some stick but whisper-soft on a motorway.

The cabin is a testament to the car's luxury status, with gear shift speed, steering weight and suspension all adjustable at the touch of a button and BMW's intelligent iDrive infotainment system. There are sports seats and steering wheel but while the front is roomy, it's a bit of a push to call it a five-seater, on long journeys at least. The sloping roofline that gives that sleekness to the exterior means only shorter passengers will be comfortable in the rear seats.

Everything about the M6 Gran Coupe is very impressive: it's stunningly beautiful, grin-inducingly powerful and comfortable enough for napping in, but it's hard to justify spending £15,000 more than you would on rival four-door coupe, the Mercedes CLS63 AMG, for example, which is a similarly good looking and powerful car, with better handling than the M6 Gran Coupe. It will be interesting to see how the newer car fares on the market.

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