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BMW Evokes Past Glories With Gran Lusso Coupe Concept

By raccars Published

BMW has teamed up with Pininfarina to create a luxurious GT that hints at the possibility of a new 8 Series. The sleek, modern four seater coupe was revealed at the recent Italian Villa d'Este concours event and marks the first time the German giant has collaborated with the famous Italian auto designer.

Riding on a version of the current BMW 7 Series' rear-wheel drive architecture and powered by the 760i's twin turbo 6.0 litre V12 petrol unit for 537bhp, the Gran Lusso also features several familiar BMW design elements, with a long, swept back bonnet and twin kidney shaped front grilles. However there are some distinctive new touches in the rear lights, set in a boot width line that ticks up at each end, winking double headlamps and long, bladed air intake that could well become the design standard for coming generations of BMWs. These features are likely to be seen first in next year's all new 7 Series.

Previous BMW concepts have included the Z4-esque Zagato Coupe from last year, while the Pininfarina Gran Lusso is theoretically a one off, it's a concept that looks ideal to migrate to production mode without too much alteration. The familiar hawkish BMW silhouette on the outside follows through to an equally recognisable interior, with the brand's standard centre console arrangement and four individual seats. The front end curves sensuously and smoothly over the raked back windscreen to a short, muscular rear, with wide, rectangular double exhausts. Serious air intakes on the front wings smooth into elegant rebates sweeping along the flanks.

The quality of the finish too is synchronous with the BMW we know and love, at its best. Foglizzo Italian leather upholstery in black and tobacco brown and dashboard details finished in black chrome are complemented by exotic New Zealand kauri wood trim taken from a single piece and boasting a carbon-14 authenticity certificate to confirm it's aged over 48,000 years – one element that probably won't make it all the way to the production line.

The whole is sleek and chic enough to challenge Bentley in the luxury stakes. The distinctly dignified exterior does nothing to disguise the capacity for menace that lurks underneath the elegant bonnet. This is one concept that both the auto press and public will be hoping attains production status and which could even become a new 8 Series.

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