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BMW Announce Pricing For The i3 Electric

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Electric cars haven't always been synonymous with style and power. In the past, these eco-friendly vehicles have failed to appeal to those who like fast, powerful cars by well-known, high-end brands. However, the arrival of the BMW i3 electric looks set to change the image of electric cars forever.

Traditionally, there have been two major problems with electric cars; the first is that they are predominantly city cars and don't have the capacity to go the distance. While most electric cars are supposed to be able to cover up to 100 miles with a full battery, in reality, many only go as many as 60 miles, so you wouldn't want to travel a long way from home without knowing exactly where your next charging point would be. The second difficulty faced by electric cars is their image – electric cars just aren't cool. Small and slow, they were never going to be desirable to the Beamer-buying market. That is, until now….

2013 will see the launch of BMW's first electric car, the i3. This cutting edge vehicle is due to launch on July 29th in London, New York and Beijing, before it goes on the market in November. At the moment, BMW aren't giving a lot away about the spec of their latest vehicle, but earlier this week, the company announced their pricing scale. The most basic model will cost just under £27,000, subject to conditions; the car will also be available on lease with prices starting at a rather tempting £369 per month. This is surprisingly good value, given the impressive technology behind the i3 and it might just be enough to catch the attention of those who would love to get their hands on an affordable new BMW.

Although the BMW i3 will be subject to the same limitations as any electric car, in that it will require regular charging, customers will be able to purchase a model with an additional petrol engine, allowing i3 drivers to cover longer distances, without having to worry about locating a nearby charging point.

The i3 is likely to revolutionize the world of electric cars – its superfast charging is going to give other car manufacturers a real run for their money. The i3 can go from an empty battery to 80% charge in just three hours, faster than almost all electric cars currently on the market. Combining style, technology and eco-friendly credentials, the i3 is definitely one to watch, so keep your eyes peeled as BMW launch this hotly anticipated car at the beginning of next week.

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