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BMW Adds Another 6-Series Model to The Line-up

By raccars Published

BMW doesn’t want you going into one of their dealerships with too little choice, so that’s why they’ve now decided to add another model to the 6-Series line-up. More specifically, the M6 range, just so you’re not confused when you go in. The new one is called the M6 Gran Coupe, and it differs from a normal M6 by its name, an extra two doors, two extra exhaust pipes, 20-inch rims, and a carbon fibre roof.

Prices will start at £97,460, so it’s anything but cheap, but if you’re a sucker for an M-series BMW and love having a super-exclusive variant, the M6 Gran Coupe is a pretty impressive lump of electric and materials.

Just don’t dwell on its main rival, the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG, being a ridiculous £15,000 cheaper, and you’ll be fine.

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