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BMW 4 Series Coupe - Coming Soon

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The latest model in the BMW line-up is the 4 Series Coupe, originally seen as a concept in December 2012. It will in effect replace the Coupe and Convertible versions of the 3 Series and should be available later this year. However, BMW seems keen to market the car as a stand alone model. While the Coupe is the model that has been publicly introduced so far, there are Convertible and Gran Coupe models programmed for later release.

The 4 Series Coupe is larger and sportier than its predecessor but just as sleek. The styling follows the brand's current design language and manages to be both dramatic and conservative. Plus points include a more spacious interior, superior handling and the hint of massive power to come...

The exact engine line up is unconfirmed as yet, but is expected to include 420i, 430i and 435i units plus diesel versions of the same, but the most exciting is a top of the range M4 to fulfill the high-performance quotient - basically the excellent 3 Series Coupe range transplanted to the new car. Gearboxes planned are a six-speed manual as standard with the option of an eight-speed automatic. We could also see an Audi A5 Quattro challenging the four-wheel drive variant of the 4 Series.

The 4 Series certainly looks muscular, the headlights decorated with hexagonal LEDs topping an unusual shape air intake, tapering round to elegantly flared arches and large front wing vents, dubbed the Air Breather by BMW, designed to optimise aerodynamic performance. It's a very svelte and goodlooking car that, nonetheless, will leave no-one in any doubt of your intent as you appear in their rearview mirrors. The 4 Series is far too refined to be called aggressive, rather it's all about well-controlled power.

The cabin is also an improved version of that seen in the 3 Series, with beautifully presented wood trim and tan leather details lending an air of restrained luxury, while the BMW Individual design origins are evident in the discreet insignia applied to door sills and seats. That longer, wider and lower stance allied to a wheel at each corner layout, results in a roomier interior but those familiar with the 3 Series car will find everything where they left it.

There are many who will lament the loss of the 3 Series, particularly the classic M3, but the 4 Series Coupe looks at this stage to be more than capable of handling any protesters.

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