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BMW 3 Series the most reliable fleet car

By raccars Published

The 'Fleet News' annual survey of company cars has once again named the BMW 3 Series as its most reliable model, with the German company also taking the top spot in the manufacturer reliability category.

Every year, the trade publication conducts a survey of the largest leasing firms in the UK, involving more than 600,000 cars. The results are analysed and a top ten list of the best performing models and brands is generated. Criteria include the amount of downtime lost through faults and recalls and overall reliability.

The BMW 3 Series has taken the crown in the most reliable models list for the last four years and has done nearly as well in the manufacturer category, although last year, it fell down one place, just behind Audi. The Volkswagen Golf jumped a spot this year to be named the second most reliable fleet car, in the process putting last year's number two, the Audi A4, into third place. The Audi A3 has gained over the last year, to put it in fourth place in 2014, followed by the BMW 5 Series. Last year's fourth place model, the Honda Civic, has slipped down to sixth place this year.

The best Mercedes can manage is seventh place with the C-Class, which at least gives it a place in the top ten this year. Next year could see a further improvement, thanks to the recent release of a facelifted C-Class, which as yet, is too new to be included in this year's results. The BMW 1 Series is a third entry for the manufacturer in eighth place and the Ford Focus has climbed from last year's tenth place to ninth this year. The top ten is finished off with a return from the Toyota Avensis, which hasn't featured in the top ten for the last two years.

Mercedes-Benz did, however, manage a better performance in the manufacturer category, following BMW and Audi in third place and jumping five spots compared to last year. Honda held steady in fourth and Volkswagen has dropped down to fifth, after coming third last year, along with corporate stablemate, Skoda, in ninth after last year's sixth place. Toyota maintained its seventh place but Ford also slipped a little this year, from fifth place last year to sixth in 2014.

Nissan will be pleased at gaining a place, coming eighth in the manufacturer league table this year, while the tenth most reliable fleet manufacturer was Kia.

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