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Beware Of The Roads This Weekend

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Lots of families will, doubtless, be heading off for their summer break this weekend, but drivers are being urged to take extra care on the roads. Dashboard camera manufacturer, Smart Witness, has carried out research on UK road accidents, suggesting that Saturday 25 July will be the most dangerous day to drive this year.

DVLA statistics show that more serious accidents occur in July than any other month of the year, with estimates suggesting that 2,330 serious crashes will happen this year, by the end of July. By comparison, in January of this year, there were 1,578 serious accidents and in February there were 1,544 - albeit in the shortest month of the year.

With the school holidays beginning, uncharacteristic sunshine brightening the roads and payday for many workers, the number of people embarking on trips away is expected to be far higher than usual tomorrow. The peak time for traffic and for accidents is estimated as 11am, so motorists are being advised to be extra careful at this potentially dangerous time. Not only is there the risk of congestion but cars will be heavily packed with luggage and drivers potentially distracted by child passengers, a stressful combination on the way to holiday destinations and airports.

This perfect storm is what accounts for the rash of extra accidents that occur every year on this corresponding weekend. The trouble starts this Friday evening, when about 2.6 million motorists are expected to start the big getaway. Saturday's traffic should peak at about 2.9 million cars.

Motorists are advised to avoid travelling this Saturday if they can reasonably put off their journey until another day. Otherwise, leave early and plan your route in advance to avoid the worst of the traffic, using your sat nav or an online route planner. Make sure you have devoted some attention to car care. If you haven't managed to get your vehicle serviced, at least check your tyres, fluids and ensure your air conditioning is functioning properly. Make sure you take a spare tyre or repair kit and that your mobile phone is charged. If you have breakdown protection, note down the number you need to call for assistance and your policy number.

If you will be carrying children, stock up books and magazines, tablets, computer games and any other travel entertainment to keep them occupied during the journey and stave off those distracting calls of 'are we there yet?'

Make regular rest stops to stretch your legs, use the bathroom and take on some hydration and sustenance.

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