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Best used sports car bargains

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So much of the motoring press is about low emissions and frugal little city cars but we all know that cars are also meant to be fun. Buying a used sports car is a great way to put a smile on your face and if you choose carefully, there is no need to break the bank. Here are five used sports cars to suit most motorists’ budgets and deliver bags of fun.

1) Mazda MX-5

The MX-5 is one of the best sports cars ever built. It defines simple, open top motoring, with straightforward mechanics and a great record for reliability. The rear-wheel drive handling is great fun and the 1.8 engine offers just enough performance to deliver that all-important excitement. A Mark II model from 2000 can be yours for under £1,000.

2) Audi TT

Widely agreed to be one of the prettiest cars around, the Audi TT is also a sensible second hand choice. Like most of the prestige German marques, Audi takes care to change the body style slowly, so even older cars still look fairly contemporary. A new one would cost almost £27,000 but a 1.8T Quattro from 1999 is available for less than £3,000.

3) Jaguar XK

The XK is another model that has been around for a long time. The XK offers exclusivity, a luxurious interior and fantastic performance. Build quality is excellent and even older models are lasting well. Nevertheless, depreciation on such performance cars is fierce and that along with plentiful supply, means that bargains are easily achieved. A new 4.0 litre V8 might cost you upwards of £50,000 but a well looked after example from 2000 can be bought for £5,000.

4) Porsche Boxster

The Boxster may not have the allure of the 911 cars but it delivers excellent performance for the money. There are lots of examples to choose from, too. The earliest models can be had now for less than £5,000 but a more sensible option may be to spend around £11,000 on a second generation car from 2006. At that price, you get a car in great condition that delivers superb handling on those windy roads.

5) Peugeot RCZ

The little Pug may not have the badge prestige of some of the other models on our list but it does look fantastic and it does provide heaps of fun. The RCZ could even be described as practical, with two rear seats and reasonable economy. Depreciation is again our friend here and although a new RCZ will cost over £20,000, a pristine 2010 example will only cost £10,800.

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