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Bentley Unleashes 616bhp World-Destroyer

By raccars Published

Ever looked at your standard 550bhp Bentley Contintental GT and thought “what that car needs is more power”? Well, if you have, you’re an idiot – but thankfully, Bentley clearly thinks along the same lines as you, because now… there’s this: the 616bhp Continental GT Speed.

It’s the fastest car Bentley has ever made and has a top speed of 205mph. 0-62mph is toppled in just 4.2 seconds, which has been reduced thanks to a new 8-speed ZF gearbox. You also get massive 21-inch alloy wheels, a lower ride height and new anti-roll bars to keep all that speed on the tarmac.

No word on prices yet, but expect it to be upwards of £150,000.

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