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Beijing highlights and oddities

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The Beijing Motor Show took place over the weekend - not as big or as prestigious as the New York event, maybe, but growing in stature every year with China's burgeoning auto industry. These were arguably the best of a great and good mixture of high end luxury vehicles, promising local products and some very poor purely domestic efforts, with SUVs figuring prominently.

VW Golf R 400

Officially still a concept at this stage, there's every reason to advance this 395bhp hot Golf to production status. With 99bhp more to play with than the standard Golf R, it should also have no trouble outrunning the 355bhp Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG. This is also lighter than both of those cars. It looks meaty and aggressive and will apparently reach 62mph within 3.9 seconds, without screaming boy racer.

Audi TT Offroad Concept

This segment confused Audi is a very modern concept - essentially a jacked up sports car or SUV coupe, a thing that would have seemed an oxymoron a few years ago. However, this is currently the most fashionable market sector of all, so this TT based SUV is almost guaranteed to reach the production line. It will get from 0-62mph within 5.1 seconds and thanks to a plug in hybrid powertrain, can potentially reach 149mpg. It's also rumoured to be the first in a whole family of TT branded cars...

Mercedes Concept Coupe

If you had any doubts that the coupe SUV trend had legs, Mercedes-Benz is also jumping on the bandwagon to convince you. Unnamed at present but with a rumoured MLC designation, this boldly styled effort is another almost certain production probability, expected in 2015. It shares a platform with the chunky M-Class, but promises to live up to the sports part of its SUV classification. Very obviously inspired by BMW's X6, this is a slightly larger and more powerful vehicle.

Lexus NX

After a seeming bombardment of concepts, Lexus has finally come up with a final production version of the NX SUV. The result is a slightly toned down version of some of the ideas that have divided critics, but is pretty bold nonetheless and very recognisably a Lexus.

BMW Future Vision Luxury

This may not have production prospect printed all over it but it does preview the direction BMW is hoping to take with future models - and it's hi tech. Its aluminium and carbon building techniques are expected to feature on the next 7 Series, while there are gadgets galore to play with.

And don't forget the Beijing oddities...

China may be a huge growth area for high end, luxury brands but the Beijing Motor Show always has plenty of more unusual fare on display...

Golden Youngman

Chinese firm, Youngman's, USP is its 'Engineered by Lotus' tagline, but the British sports car brand is unlikely to want to take any credit for this gilt monstrosity.

Lifan 330

You have to appreciate Lifan's honesty here - the 330 not only looks unashamedly like a Mini, it even describes itself as one, with marketing guff containing the description artistic, fashionable and boasting 'mini' temperament!

Lifan X60

A compact SUV that's far more individual than the 330, if solely by dint of featuring a huge Luis Figo decal and Portuguese national football team badge on the bonnet. It might be a fairly practical car but the styling is inexplicable.


The BJ180 comes from one of the bigger Chinese auto makers, but nonetheless, lacks originality. There's more than a whiff of Jeep about the square grille and chunky box profile.

Chery Concept Beta

Like a Nissan Juke with added curves, this concept is set for production in 2016. It's bold looking but more practical than a number of the other cars on this list, as a four door crossover powered by a 1.5 litre petrol engine.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The name is certainly well known enough and this model will soon get you spotted around town. There's nothing wrong with the basic black colourway but the gold detailing and flame style decals down the side are more than a little vulgar and strangely dated.


The name may be low profile but the car certainly isn't - an absolutely huge six seater SUV that's trying to be all things to all men... According to its creator it's a luxury, racing cross country vehicle.

Range Rover Limo

Chinese tuning company, Dayoushangji, has taken a Range Rover and stretched it out to a limo. It's six metres long, seats six and looks rather strange.

Red Flag L5 Limo

Another limo, this one looks as if it should belong to a James Bond film villain. It appears to be based upon a Rolls-Royce but is clumsy and oddly American looking.

Trumpchi Witstar

It appears to have been styled by a Labrador biting chunks out of a prototype, with the result an ungainly rather than sleek attempt at a Range Rover Evoque. Apparently, its manufacturer is hoping gullwing doors and autonomous driving will build sales, with this one confirmed for production.

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