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Beautiful Electric Supercar Debuts In London

By raccars Published

Electric and supercar are two words that, in theory, don’t really go together. Supercars have always been powered by fox-bone-fuelled turbocharged monster petrol engines, so how could an electric motor improve on perfection? Well, it turns out there are companies out there who think electric power is the future of the supercar, as proven here with the stunning Rimac Concept_One.

So, why is this car so special? Well, it’s powered by four electric motors which, when combined, pump out a quite incredible 1073bhp – that’s more power than a standard Veyron. So, the performance; what of it? How about 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 190mph, sound good? How about all that performance but also with a range of 375 miles? Yep.

The car will make its official debut at Salon Prive in early September. And we’re guessing it’s going to win quite a few fans.

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