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Beat The Heat In Your Car This Summer

By raccars Published

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It may not feel much like summer yet but the mercury is rising, and no-one enjoys the prospect of a summer sitting sweltering inside the car. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce the heat of a hot car.

The first thing to do when returning to a hot car is to open the doors and allow accumulated heat to dissipate. If you are parked in a secure spot, leave windows and sunroofs open if you can, and convertible owners could consider leaving the top off. Tinting the windows can be very effective at keeping the interior temperature down and can help to protect the upholstery and plastic and vinyl trim in the vehicle from the degrading effect of UV rays. A fold up sunscreen, which you put into the windscreen when you leave the car, can be surprisingly effective at helping you to keep your cool.

If you have leather or vinyl upholstery, keep a blanket in the car to cover the seats before you sit on them, as these materials can get very hot and uncomfortable in the summer heat.

You should also make sure you keep an eye on your tyre pressure when it gets hot outside, as tyre pressure increases in high temperatures. If your tyre pressure goes above the manufacturer's recommended amount, you could be at risk of a blow out.

High temperatures can affect your car's mechanicals as well as your own comfort. If your car is being heavily used in a hot summer, consider treating it to an oil change, as oil degrades with heat.

Check the condition of your radiator while the engine is cool - it should be clean and free of debris and hoses should be intact. Make sure coolant fluid levels are maintained as this system works particularly hard in the summer and low levels of coolant can lead to inconvenient breakdowns.

Give your wiper blades a check to make sure the rubber hasn't cracked and replace them if necessary - you may not need your wipers to clear rain over summer but you will need to use them with screenwash, to keep the windscreen clear of dust, insects and other debris.

If your car has air conditioning you may need a re-gas if the system isn't cooling as much as it used to.

After washing your car, a good wax can help to protect the paintwork, which can be subject to fading in strong sun.

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