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Back To The Future Car Check

By raccars Published

Hill Valley, California, 4:29 pm, Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

The crazy antics of Doc Brown and Marty McFly have captivated audiences for years – no less than 30, in fact! This Wednesday marks the date that the enigmatic duo touched down in the future for the first time in one of two action-packed sequels. In celebration, we’ve decided to show you just what you might’ve found out about the DeLorean were you buying second-hand…

High Mileage

There’s no doubting it - Doc Brown’s DeLorean is certainly reliable. Aside from being written-off in the final film, the trusty coupe endures both lightning strikes and a damaged fuel injection. Possibly the most obvious testament to the DeLorean’s resilience, however, is the car’s mileage, spanning an impressive 130 years on the clock.

Starting with the third film, Marty finds himself going back to 1885 to save the Doc from certain doom, and before that, to 1955 to save himself in the original Back to the Future - by uniting his parents. The second film takes us back to the present day, where his own son’s freedom is on the line.

Number Plate Swap

You may not have noticed (unless you’re a Back to the Future nut) but the license plate of Doc’s DeLorean changes a few times throughout the course of the first film.

When we first see the DeLorean sitting in the Hill Valley car park, it bears the aptly-titled plate ‘OUTATIME’ on the rear. By the film’s resolution and the gang’s departure for 2015, it had changed to an orange bar code plate.

Running Costs

Having reached the year 2015, we’re now in an age where alternative energy is on the horizon – some of which the Doc himself would be proud of. In some respects, however, it seems we’ve been left behind.

In the first film, we discover the Doc has been enlisted to build a nuclear weapon for Libyan rebels. Instead, he uses the primary energy source – plutonium – to power the DeLorean and builds a fake weapon from used pinball machine parts. This doesn’t end so well for him – or so we think. By the end of the movie, we discover that the Doc is not only fighting fit, but is back to making unconventional fuel sources. Along with Marty and his beau Jennifer, they blast off to modern day powered by nothing more than a banana peel, a can and other bits of trash.

Condition & Write-Offs

We’d understand if investing in Doc’s DeLorean might not seem like a fair deal – especially given the state of it by the end of the third film. In the trilogy’s conclusion, the DeLorean is fed alcohol when the fuel line is damaged, and later on a faulty fuel injection prevents it from travelling whatsoever. If this wasn’t reason enough not to buy, the car is hauled along by a locomotive in order to get it to the magic 88mph necessary for time travel, with another train eventually putting a nail in the coffin!

Regardless of the damage, the doctor was a brilliant (albeit mad) scientist. Perhaps he would’ve been able to fix the above… or at least make it look good enough for sale? Unfortunately, if you buy a dud, it’s unlikely you can go back in time to stop yourself from doing so! So if you’re buying or selling, give RAC’s RAC Car Check a try – it may save you a lot of hassle!

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