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Celebrating the fastest, the wackiest, the biggest, the most extreme...

The fastest

The World Land Speed Record holder is the British made ThrustSSC. It is 54 foot long, contains a pair of Rolls-Royce engines and, in 1997, reached 763mph. The Nevada desert run also saw ThrustSSC break the sound barrier, the first time this was officially done by a land vehicle.

Fastest lawnmower

It's not really practical for the school run, but the Mean Mower won Honda the title of fastest lawnmower in the world in 2014, after some attention from BTCC's Team Dynamics. Getting from 0-60mph in only four seconds, it can actually cut grass too.

Tightest parallel parking

This year a new record was set for the tightest parallel parking, when a Fiat 500C was manoeuvred sideways by stunt driver, Alastair Moffatt, into a space with only 7.5cm of extra length. Only minor modifications were used, including higher tyre pressure, a steering knob and a disabled ESC, for a bit of assistance from the handbrake.

Heaviest aircraft pull

You may feel heavily loaded after a trip to Ikea, but that's nothing compared to what a Nissan Patrol lugged around an airport runway in 2013. The unmodified SUV dragged a 171 tonne cargo plane 50 metres, to win the Guinness World Record for heaviest object towed by a production vehicle. Don't try this at home...

Smallest car

The Peel 50 has held the Guinness World Record for smallest car for more than 50 years. It measures a princely 54 inches in length and 41 inches in width. Jeremy Clarkson is a fan, which may or may not be a recommendation.

Longest circuit in motor racing

Germany's famous Nurburgring is the world's longest purpose built motor racing circuit. It has two sections, the Nordschleife and Sudschleife, which combine to 16 miles long and contain over 180 corners.

Most expensive auction sale

In 2014, a Ferrari GTO from 1962 raised $31,115,000 - more than £20 million - at auction. The owner originally paid about £1,400 for the car in 1965, proving a very sound investment.

Fastest Nurburgring lap

The fastest production car around the Nurburgring is the Radical SR8 RX. Its 6 minute 48 second time was achieved thanks to a 680kg kerb weight and a 2.7 litre V8, basically creating a hardcore track racer in just about street legal road car guise.

Most people in a Mini

Twenty eight very flexible gymnasts managed to squeeze into a modern Mini in 2012, beating the classic Mini's 27 person record.

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