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Automatic Braking to Become Mandatory?

By raccars Published

Like ESP a few years ago, automatic braking systems have started to feature on more mainstream cars recently and it seems that Euro NCAP is keen to make this potentially life-saving technology mandatory on all cars in the future. According to Euro NCAP, it will include automatic braking systems under its 2014 safety revisions, effectively meaning that, to secure a five-star rating, automatic braking is probably going to have to be fitted.

It seems like a great move seeing as the systems are highly sophisticated and can brake much quicker in an accident that any human could. The technology works by using radars at the front and rear of the car and can apply the brakes independently if the car in front gets too close.

So with all the car manufacturers chasing that illusive five-star rating, chances are we’re likely to see this technology on most mainstream cars in the not-to-distant future.

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