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Austin Allegro Not Worst Car In Britain!

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The SsangYong Rodius has at last excelled in something - unfortunately that something is 'being awful.' The Rodius was named the 'worst car ever' in a survey conducted by Auto Express magazine. Auto Express readers credited the South Korean MPV with no redeeming features, commenting particularly on its ugliness.

It's good news, however, for the Austin Allegro, which was in the same position after a poll by The Sun newspaper in 2008. The Allegro has been given a slight reprieve this time, with readers of Auto Express putting it in tenth place on their list of worst ever cars. Built from 1973-1982, the Allegro is famous for representing the worst of British car manufacturing from that era, thanks to its poor build quality, clumsy handling and awkward design.

Nonetheless, even the dismal Allegro was no match for the hideously ugly Rodius in this poll. Unfortunately, the British designed car's clunky looks were not in any way redeemed by its drive, which was equally unrewarding.

In second place on the ignominious list was an entry from India, the Reva G-Wiz, an electric microcar of little fame, thanks to its tedious slowness, cramped proportions, unpalatable appearance and lack of creature comforts. Third to face the shame was the Chyrsler PT Cruiser Cabriolet, deemed to be severely lacking in build quality, driver enjoyment and refinement. The word 'ugly' was once again levelled at the bulbous looking American import.

The grumpy looking FSO Polonez from Poland was the fourth worst car ever, with Auto Express readers unable to find any desirable qualities in the angular car, which nonetheless, had a respectable production run from 1978 to 2002 and scored very well on safety, acing the crash tests of the time.

At number five was the ill conceived Rover City Rover, a badged engineered version of the Tata Indica, that was so bad that its parent company refused to lend a model for testing by TV's Top Gear programme and was axed after only a couple of years.

Sixth and seventh places on the list went to Japanese cars, with the Mitsubishi Mirage criticised for offering poor value for money and the Suzuki X-90, a rather pointless mash up of a roadster and mini SUV, accused of poor handling and a lack of off roading ability.

This left another British motor, the Morris Marina at number eight, about which the general view was that it was simply an utterly awful car. The ninth worst car ever was the much derided Lada Riva, which showed its Eastern Bloc heritage in an every shabby, uncomfortable corner.

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