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Audi Unveils 2013 R8!

By raccars Published

Never one to be shy about bringing out revisions to its cars, Audi is up to its usual tricks with the 2013 R8. Think of this as an update rather than a new model, but still; we’re very interested. That’s because the 2013 R8 sees a power hike across the range, including a new gearbox dubbed the S-Tronic which will replace the old R-Tronic ‘box and also give the driver considerably quicker changes.

Power has been upped to 428bhp for the V8 and 523bhp for the Lambo-derived V10, so just in case you weren’t happy with the standard figures, there is an alternative; just buy brand new.

The usual updates are also present: altered headlights, improved kit levels and a higher quality interior. So don’t expect to jump in a new Audi R8 and think everything has changed. It’s just a new recipe with the same ingredients.

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