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Audi Planning World Domination...

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Audi is apparently planning to take over the world, Bond villain style - the premium car world, that is...

The company is about to launch a major expansion programme that it hopes will make it the global leader in the premium car sector by 2020. To help it achieve this goal, it will be releasing ten new models to the already 50 car strong range, which should push the company's already record breaking production volume to about two million units annually, an increase of about 20%.

Audi is pinning a large part of its hopes upon aggressive diesel car sales and, as such, is working on a range of new high performance diesel engines, which may be RS badged, inspired by critical approval of the RS5 TDI-e concept. Topping the lot could be a limited run supercar.

Forty per cent of Audi's output is diesel and the company has produced 7.7 million TDI units. In certain markets, diesel powered cars make up as much as 90% of Audi's market share and even in the traditionally diesel averse United States, 30% of Audi's sales are of diesel cars and the market there is rising.

Always keen to be at the forefront of new developments in diesel engine technology, Audi is hoping to produce electric powered turbochargers for the mainstream market, which are already in use in its racers. The new unit would reduce turbo lag for high performance diesel cars. The firm has already managed to double the average power output of its TDI engines in the past 25 years, at the same time reducing toxic emissions by 90%. Furthermore, engineers at the firm believe they will be able to make their engines 15% more efficient within the next five years.

While the brand is expecting plug in hybrid models to gain market share moving forward, it is working on a basis of diesel domination in its rage until at least 2030. Further development of existing diesel technology is less expensive than coming up with the new science required of electric engines, so Audi believes its TDI units will be the most cost efficient way of managing its funds.

The UK is something of a beacon of light for Audi, with sales volumes doubling in the last five years to 142,000 units last year, easily beating the German company's traditional homeland rivals, Mercedes-Benz and BMW. 2014 UK sales are expected to break further records, up by 13.5% already for the first six months of the year, to 83,761 units.

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