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Audi Announces The Arrival Of The New TT

By raccars Published

At the beginning of this week, Audi revealed more about some of the coming ranges for 2014, including the new 2014 version of the much-loved Audi TT. Due to be officially revealed at the Geneva Motorshow in March next year, Audi is playing up to enthusiasm about the car by revealing tantalising details about third generation TT well ahead of time.

Making the lighter, faster cars has been a main focus at Audi for some years now, with the 2013 Ultra Quattro Concept's carbon-fibre and fibreglass reinforced bodywork and titanium exhaust system making for a super lightweight chassis. The trend for reducing mass will continue in the third generation, with the 2014 Audi TT set to weigh in at around 1,200 kg, just a little more than this year's Ultra Quattro Concept.

One of the most exciting in-car features on the new TT, will be the 8 inch touchscreen control pad, which is bound to appeal to gadget geeks. The high-end interior design on the new TT, available in leather and super-slick aluminium, has been specially designed to appeal to luxe car sports enthusiasts, who might have passed up the TT in recent years, in favour of other options, such as the Porsche.

The third generation TT will punch well above the weight of its forebears, with engine sizes starting at 1.8 litres and going up to a rather impressive 2.5 litre model, with 380 horsepower. The bodywork and bumper on the new Audi TT are going to be sharper and more aggressive looking than on the current model, once again confirming that Audi really do mean business and are going to be pushing this car as a contender for some of the speediest sportscars on the road, including the Porsche Boxster. The car will come with four wheel drive as standard on the more powerful models, though the basic TT will have two-wheel drive, with the option to upgrade to four.

Although we'll have to wait until next Spring for the unveiling of the latest version of the TT, one thing is for sure, this is going to be one of the most desirable cars around when it finally hits the market in 2014.

Likely to be on sale in time for next summer, those looking for a sporty soft-top, or a cool coupé could do a lot worse than the third generation Audi TT, though with a proposed starting price of around £25,000, we wonder whether Audi's attempts to take on the big guns in the convertible market put off some potential buyers.

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