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Aston Wins Another Award!

By raccars Published

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Aston Martin goes from the coolest brand in the world to winning everything under the sun about as easily as their cars go from 0-62mph. It’s ridiculous just how many awards and accolades the brand has collected over the last decade - and now they’ve only gone and won another!

This award, however, is not for their cars, but their website. The company’s global site: astonmartin.com has been dubbed the “Best Manufacturer Website” by Car Dealer Magazine in their Ewards. It’s a big deal for Aston Martin seeing as many people now configure their ideal car on company’s websites; so for Aston to bag an award for their beings the best, it shows they’re leading the field in this sector, too.

According to Car Dealer Magazine, the site won because of its simplicity and elegance – much like their cars!

Well done, Aston; keep up the good work.

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