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Aston Martin Stuns World With New Vanquish

By raccars Published

Aston Martin may be the coolest brand in the world, but they’re usually pretty predictable when it comes to announcing its new cars. But this week, the automotive world has been placed in a state of pure shock thanks to this – the Aston Martin Vanquish. The new Aston Martin Vanquish.

This isn’t a picture that some art student has drawn up, nor is the revival of the Vanquish badge just a marketing ploy; Aston Martin are actually going to build this car!

Even better, it’s going to be the most powerful – bar the One-77 – car Aston Martin make and will make the DBS worry about its position in the market.

The Vanquish is expected to push around 565bhp and will topple 183mph – which, on first inspection, seems a bit underwhelming. With nearly 600bhp the Vanquish is clearly capable of upwards of 200mph, so why have Aston taken this approach? Well, it seems they’re more concerned with stability at high speed rather than winning the top trumps statistic battles.

Fair enough. Now make it!

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