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Aston Martin DB11 Volante set for 2018 launch

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Drop-top will share the coupe’s V12, deliver 600bhp - available to buy in spring 2018.

The Aston Martin DB11 Volante, which is scheduled to go on sale in spring 2018, has been seen undergoing winter tests. The test car looks exactly the same as the ‘lightly disguised’ car which Aston Martin revealed earlier in the year.

A check of insurance databases reveals that the model which has just been spotted shares the coupe’s V12 5.2-litre twin-turbo engine, delivering 600bhp and 516lb ft of torque. It could also be offered with a V8 4.0-litre twin-turbo by Mercedes-AMG. This is set to join the range of Aston Martin units next year when the V8 Vantage’s successor is launched. It will then join the DB11 line-up. The engine is already found in Mercedes-AMG’s GT and can produce between 500bhp and 550bhp.

Flowing lines for the Volante

Aston Martin has previously released teaser shots of the DB11 Volante and spy shots have also captured it out testing. The prototype’s bodywork has been squared off around the rear wings but it is believed that it will share the coupe’s rear end and flowing lines, in addition to its C-shaped rear lights. The car’s face also looks the same as the coupe version.

The DB11 Volante will have a less complicated and lighter soft-top roof rather than a folding hard option and its engine will be matched with an eight-speed automatic transmission, delivering power to the car’s rear wheels. Due to the extra strengthening necessary for the convertible variant and the roof-opening mechanism, the aluminium-bodied Aston Martin DB11 Volante will weigh slightly more than the 1,800kg coupe.

This increase is likely to be subtle, however, and Aston Martin is still hoping that the soft-top will achieve the same 3.9-second 0-62mph time as the coupe. This may be over ambitious, however, and a time of around 4.3 seconds seems more likely. It will have a top speed in the region of 200mph, making it one of the fastest convertibles available to buy. The car benefits from a multi-layer sound-deadening fabric roof to keep the noise down inside and it is likely that the suspension set-up will be slightly softer in the soft-top compared with the hard-top.

It is expected that the Aston Martin Volante will have a price of about £165,000 at launch. This is £10,100 over the cost of the £154,900 hard-top, although some predictions suggest that the Volante’s expected price may be as high as £175,000. The Volante's four-seat convertible competitors will include the Mercedes S 63 AMG Convertible, the Ferrari California T and the Bentley GT Speed Convertible.

Five-year plan for Aston Martin

The DB11 Volante’s launch in 2018 is a major part of a five-year plan for Aston Martin, which includes the appearance of replacements for both the Vanquish and the V8 Vantage. There will also be the launch of an all-electric variant of the Rapide, which will be called the RapideE.

Aston Martin’s hypercar is also set to go on sale during 2018 and its DBX crossover, which will be the first ever car to be made at the brand’s St Athans plant in Wales, will arrive in showrooms in 2020.

The Aston Martin DB11

The Aston Martin 2+2 grand tourer is the replacement for the iconic DB9, offering extra cabin space and more power. It’s V12 twin-turbo was designed in-house and it features a stiffer body structure and more room for the rear seat passengers and the driver.

It has been heralded as the most significant model launched by the company since the DB9 made its debut in 2003 and it claims to be the ‘most dynamically gifted’, efficient and powerful DB car in Aston history.

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