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Aston Martin Bidders Confirmed

By raccars Published

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It seems ridiculous, but Aston Martin could soon be owned by an Indian tractor company. There are two bidders on the table: India’s largest tractor company and from an Italian private equity firm. Two extremely different bidders, but according to the reports it is the tractor firm who are in the driving seat.

They have apparently offered a higher bid than the Italians and, if they win, it will mean Aston Martin – one of the coolest brands in the world – would be owned by a tractor company. Mahindra and Mahindra have been keen to buy into the UK’s motoring industry, and will be keen to bag Aston having lost out on Jaguar Land Rover a few years ago.

Whatever happens, it seems like some of Aston’s assets are about to go into foreign hands again. Will this be a good move for the brand?

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