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Arnold Clark Marks New Campaign With Innovative Webpage

By raccars Published

The Arnold Clark Savings Challenge is back – and, this time, the car dealer is using its in-house resource to create a webpage with pizazz.

Arnold Clark is re-launching its ‘Savings Challenge’ promotion, asking customers to challenge sales staff at their local branch to save them money, whether it be on monthly repayments, fuel costs, road tax or insurance. The stats from previous years speak for themselves – 8/10 customers saved money, the average monthly saving was £50.90, and Arnold Clark customers have now saved around £1.25 million between them.

The in-house marketing department at Arnold Clark have produced a very cool page on their website to complement the campaign, employing the use of parallax scrolling, CSS3 3D transform tricks and animation. The page is best viewed in Chrome or Firefox, with older browsers (as well as mobile devices) displaying a pared down, static version.

Managing Director Eddie Hawthorne said, “This is surely the strongest campaign that we run. With the staggering statistics from last year, it’s only fitting that we have a similarly impressive page on the website to match.”

The team have played on the ‘Do More With Your Money’ slogan to creative effect – but you’ll need to check it out for yourself at www.arnoldclark.com/challenge/

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