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Are You A Dangerous Driver?

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You may think you are a pretty considerate driver - you don't engage in road rage, tailgate or overtake on the inside, for example, and you try not to cut up other motorists at roundabouts. However, of the 10 million car crashes that take place every year, the majority are caused by human error, so quite a few of us must be doing something wrong. Distraction is at the root of many of these, and the following behaviours are more common than you might think.

Failure to indicate

Manoeuvring without indicating not only accounts for a number of accidents, it's also apparently one of the most irritating driving habits. By indicating, you make sure other drivers are aware that you are likely to slow down and should help you to avoid being rear ended, among other collisions.

Dialling and driving

Despite increased penalties and strict enforcement, drivers are still using mobile phones behind the wheel and risking their own and other road users' lives. The use of hand held mobiles is illegal, whether to make calls, write text messages or browse social media. If you must contact someone while driving, use a hands free kit.

Driving drowsy

A slip of attention at the wheel, even for just a second, can be fatal. If you feel your eyes drooping, pull over and take a rest. Don't rely on coffee to keep you awake. Falling asleep behind the wheel is a major factor in accident statistics, particularly on the dark, icy roads of winter.

Eating and drinking behind the wheel

You may not see this as particularly dangerous but it's this kind of distraction that causes accidents, especially at speed or on slippery winter roads. Snacking behind the wheel can also lead to a penalty fine, if a police officer deems it to have distracted your attention. Are you really that hungry that you can't pull over for a quick snack?

Drinking and driving

Everyone should know about this one. There shouldn't be any excuses yet, somehow, drinking and driving continues to take lives. It's not only illegal, it's also socially unacceptable and extremely inconvenient, should you lose your licence. Then there's the small matter of the other lives you could take... The legal maximum blood alcohol level in Britain is 80mg per 100ml apart from in Scotland, which has recently set a lower limit of 50mg per 100ml. Essentially, this means that it takes a very small amount of alcohol to put you over the limit.

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