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Are We There Yet?

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There's one other particular horror that's an inevitable part of any driving holiday: 'Are we there yet?'. There are things you can do to keep the children entertained in the back on a long, boring drive, as long as you plan carefully.

Unfortunately the best - and most expensive - way to keep your children occupied so that you can drive in peace is a tablet computer, well stocked with games and apps, according to research by Disney. Five thousand parents were surveyed and over 80% confessed to using tablets to entertain children in cars. This can, apparently, result in an hour of peace and quiet.

Only 20% of parents found journeys were this peaceful if they were unwise enough to set off without any electronic distractions for their little darlings. Only 14% found traditional pastimes, in the form of 'I Spy' and similar, an effective method of securing peace and quiet.

The same research showed that more than two out of every three children now ask for tablet computers and smartphones to keep them busy in the car, while only half of children requested snacks and sweets.

If you are planning to set off on a driving holiday this summer, make sure you include the following in your luggage.

Activity books

These work well for younger children - colouring books, puzzle books and picture books all work well on younger minds.

Travel games

Even the tablet can lose its appeal after a certain amount of time, and traditional travel games could prove successful - for a short time at least - through sheer novelty value. Chess, Connect Four and Battleship are classics.

Audio books

Get your child an MP3 player if you don't want to hear Harry Potter or The Gruffalo coming through your speakers. Very effective for children who find reading in the car causes travel sickness.


It's inevitable that at some point in a long journey you will hand over the tablet computer. There's so much that can be done - films, games, books and, maybe less popularly, educational apps.


Get a portable DVD player designed to be used in the car. The latest film could secure you a couple of hours of peaceful travel time.

Word games

If all else fails, you'll have to fall back on the classic word game. Apart from ‘I Spy’, you can try word association games, 20 questions etc.

Make sure you also have plenty of snacks and drinks to hand and make regular rest stops to use the toilet and stretch legs.

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