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Are Our Cars Too Fat? Or Are Parking Spaces Too Small?

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New research by the RAC, suggests that modern cars are too wide to comfortably use a standard size UK parking bay. Sixty five per cent of drivers polled were of the opinion that parking spaces are not big enough. Existing legislation came into place two decades ago, when the average car was somewhat smaller, and specifies that parking bays must be at least 4.5 metres long and 1.8 metres wide.

If you struggle to find a roomy enough space in the car park, it's probably best you don't consider buying one of the following cars, the widest models on the market today...

Range Rover The luxury off roader has always been a chunky beast, with the first generation model from 1970 clocking in at 1.778m wide. The current Range Rover is the fourth generation and measures a beefy 2.073m wide, giving it no chance of squeezing into the current minimum size parking bay.

Pagani Huayra You're not likely to see many of them trying to squeeze into a space at your local supermarket, but the £1 million Huayra would certainly have trouble cramming its 2.036m wide bulk into one of the tiny 1.8m wide regulation size parking bays. A limited visibility cabin and funky but obstructive roof rails won't help matters either...

Lamborghini Aventador The Italian supercar is extremely long, low, sleek and wide, 2.03m at the hips, to be exact. Add the wing mirrors and you get 2.265m,which means the average garage door will also struggle to accommodate the Aventador, before you even consider where to park when you go out.

Bugatti Veyron Everything about the Veyron is big - that stonking 8.0 litre engine comes with four turbos, 16 cylinders and a top speed of 253mph. Its 1.998m width is a necessity just to keep it low and flat on the roads at that sort of speed. Not such fun when attempting a parallel park in the high street, though...

Rolls-Royce Phantom All is clear - the Phantom is a favourite of stately home owners because they're the only ones with enough room to park the thing, at 1.99m wide.

BMW X6 It's a little hard to make a case for buying one of these - its looks are divisive at best, it's no friend to the environment (or your pocket...) and with a width of 1.983m, the X6 is likely to anger everyone else in the car park when taking up more than its allotted 1.8m space.

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